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Universal Joints

Single and Double Joints

Our universal joint is the perfect solution for a mechanical connection between shafts. Universal joints are installed on shafts for transfer of rotary motion where there is a need to compensate for misalignment and/or shaft diameter differences. Typically, the misalignment is angular but double knuckle joints or telescoping joints can also accommodate parallel misalignment. They can be operated in both manually and in motorized configurations.

Used in light industrial applications, they have the advantage of being durable, light weight, corrosion resistant, water submersible, self-lubricating, and capable of operation up to 2000 rpm (at max. shaft angle of 10 degrees) with negligible backlash.

Fabricated with an acetyl polymer body and nickel plated brass insert our universal joints are inexpensive, vibration dampening, they electrically isolate output from input, and are well suited for low torque applications.

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Telescoping universal joints are basically two single universal joints connected by a non-plated brass slide connection/extension. They are self-compensating for thermal machine growth and custom configurations. Available in a variety of sizes.

Shorter or longer lengths are available by special order.

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