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Custom Couplings

Naugler Engineering, Inc designs Custom couplings engineered to your specifications. It doesn't matter whether your project is large or small, Naugler Engineering has the expertise and professionalism to handle the project. Each one of our custom couplings are durable, built to your specifications, and with years of maintenance free use.

To purchase one of our couplings call our sales team at (978) 463-9199. Our couplings are primarily used in mechanics for rotation with zero backlash. We design our custom couplings perfectly for both military grade designs as well as aerospace.

Call (978) 463-9199 or visit our contact page to talk to a sales representative.

Examples of some of our Custom Couplings pictured above.

Our standard couplings come in 3 sizes, 1 ½”, 1” and ¾” outside diameter. Typically the O.D. refers to the centermember. In our custom couplings a reversed coupling has the hubs as the outside diameter to accommodate larger bores.

  1. Reversed 1 ½ ” O.D. set screw coupling to accommodate up to a 1” bore
  2. Standard sized 1 ½”  O.D. coupling with keyways
  3. Standard sized 1” O.D. x 1.21” long coupling with Metric and Non-metric bores
  4. Reversed 1 ½” O.D. Clamp style coupling with threaded bore.
  5. Standard sized 1 ½” O.D. Coupling with T-Clamp for D-shafts
  6. Standard sized ¾” O.D. X .88 long set screw coupling accommodates up to ¼” bore
  7. 1” O.D. x 2 ¾” long coupling with extended hubs and extended center piece.
  8. Standard sized 1 ½” O.D. x 1.82 long clamp style coupling.
  9. Our smallest coupling, custom only, ½” O.D. X .69 long accommodates up to 3/16” bore.