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What to Consider When Purchasing Couplings

Companies that rely on couplings within their equipment often face the decision to buy new or make design choices for a new piece of equipment in their workspace. With a wide variety of couplings that are designed with different capabilities, the task of finding the perfect fit can be daunting for a buyer. Naugler Engineering Inc. knows the thought that must go into finding the right coupling, and want you to know what you should consider about your equipment before committing to a purchase.

Misalignments. Whether it is failing to correct large misalignments or not knowing which shaft couplings will be able to handle the stress of an existing misalignment, both problems can result in coupling failure. Knowing the limits of your couplings and taking corrective action can save you from replacing your couplers every few months.

Torque. Especially in cases where torque can vary, knowing the average and maximum stage of torque can save you replacement costs later. Having couplings that can maintain torque in reference to rotational deflection can mean more accurate application.

Shock absorption and backlash. In cases of motion control applications, shock absorption helps minimize the vibrations related to machine use and reduces stress added to the system while zero backlash allows for accuracy of positioning.

Inertia and speed. Because torque can fluctuate, inertia and speed are important to maintaining the usual tendencies of the coupling. Knowing how torque is integrated into your system will then make understanding inertia and the balance necessary to reduce the chance of coupling failures.

With all of this consideration for couplers in mind, working with engineers to understand your options, and create a plan that works with your system can help you find the balance you need to have long-lasting coupling. Luckily, Naugler is here to help you with these essentials.
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