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About Our Flexible Leaf Couplings

Naugler Engineering Inc. was created 60 years ago as a family owned and operated business that manufactures the uniquely designed flexible leaf coupling. As the primary product for this company, we are continuously working to improve our patented design to better suit the needs of our customers.

Our leaf couplings are created to have low inertia, zero backlash, high torque capability, and constant angular velocity. Now, this all sounds great on paper, but the big question for our consumer is: What makes these couplings different?

Precision rotation is our primary concern when considering the design of our leaf couplings. The result of this focus is a guarantee of true flexing of the coupling to compensate for angular, lateral, and axial misalignments. Because misalignments are such a large part of coupling failures, our leaf coupling will help minimize the damage done to the couplings and other aspects created such as gears, seals, and bearings. Naugler wants you to be able to rely on your couplings to work with and protect your equipment from overload, and our exceptional design exists to accomplish just that.

Purchasing coupling can be difficult, and the fear of making the wrong decision can be overwhelming and costly. Naugler’s experts are here to assist you in finding copulings that works for you. No only do we have years of knowledge about your industry and what works well, our desire to grow makes us specialists in our current field and the new technologies that can be offered.

Naugler has been creating reliable leaf couplings for fields like the military, aerospace, OEM, and commercial industries and has been continuing to do so for the last three generations. Not only can we help you find which coupling works best for your project, we can create custom couplings to perfectly suit your needs.

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